2017 Dracaena Wines Cabernet Franc Reserve – Hard to Pronounce, But Easy to Drink!

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Their name Dracaena (pronounced druh-see-nuh) is a bit longer story, but suffice it to say, it started off as a memory of their beloved Weimaraner, which they had named Draco. You can read the complete story on their website. Draco’s hand drawn image appears on all their bottles.

Dracaena Wines located in Paso Robles, California participated in the December 2nd, 2020 National Cabernet Franc Wine Competition. The Competition was hosted by California Wines and Wineries at The Golf Club at Copper Valley in Copperopolis, California. This was a blind competition with two sets of judges (Professional and People’s Choice) in different areas of the facility. Dracaena Wines Cabernet Franc Reserve 2017 won a Silver Medal from both the Professional Judges and People’s Choice Judges. Wines were submitted from 14 states and numerous AVA’s from around the United States. For more on the wine competition sponsored by California Wines and Wineries see:


The Winery and Owners

Michael and Lori Budd are the owners who fell “into love with Cabernet Franc”. While today still working full time jobs, they are planning their future in the wine business down the road. They purchased property in Arroyo Grande, near Pismo Beach, and use a custom crush house to produce their wine. Their grapes come from The Plummer Vineyard in Paso Robles. Mike and Lori’s backgrounds are primarily in Food Science and originally met back on the East Coast while working. Lori who has since continued her education as a WSET II with distinction, is a regular blogger, holds various certifications on wine, an award winning writer and podcaster on a variety of wine subjects. Both Michael and Lori are co-founders of International Cabernet Franc Day, December 4th. Today besides producing their Reserve Cabernet Franc, they produce a Rosé (Grenache & Tempranillo), a soon to be released Chenin Blanc (4/15/21) and their Classic Cabernet Franc. Their wines have won a tremendous number of awards including the 2017 Reserve Cabernet Franc receiving a Double Gold Medal at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition.

See a previous written story on Dracaena Wines at: https://californiawinesandwineries.com/2020/01/14/dracaena-wines-a-david-verses-goliath-story/

The Wine

On the eyes this lush purple juice is radiant and bright with medium viscosity. On the nose aromas of raspberry and strawberry are predominant. Once on the palate, vanilla, sweet pipe tobacco, and mocha flavors resonate. The classic and appropriate “green bell pepper” (pyrazines) are present. The finish provides sufficient tannins and structure to a wine to cellar 5-7 years. Also a spiciness makes the finish long lasting. One of the heralded “chewy Cabernet Francs” with abundant flavor. Only 65 cases were produced using 30% new French oak barrels. The price is $45 for the 2017 Reserve Cabernet Franc.






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