2019 Gracianna Pinot Noir, Lasaga Estate Vineyard – A Delicate Pinot Noir

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Gracianna Winery makes some delicious Pinot Noirs. One of my favorites was the 2013 Bacigalupi Vineyards and the 2014 Estate Pinot Noirs. Had the opportunity to taste the 2019 Lasaga Estate Vineyard the other night. You can read more about this winery and history at:


The 2019 Gracianna Pinot Noir, Lasaga Estate Vineyard was extremely delicate both on the eyes and palate. Strawberries were the dominant aroma and flavor tasted. On eyes an extremely purple hue that was almost translucent but with brightness. On the nose wafted fresh strawberry fields and violets. On the palate you got an enormous strawberry jam, mushroom and Bay leaf. On the finish a combination of strawberries, pomegranates and red licorice. The finish was mid-length and enjoyable.

Paired with Garlic Butter Mushrooms Pork Chops. This was cooked in a cast iron skillet and the ingredients included salt, coarse black pepper, olive oil, sliced mushrooms, unsalted butter, minced garlic cloves and smoked paprika. The food and wine pairing was excellent with the fruit forward Pinot Noir, while delicate, stood up and counterbalanced the pork chops and sauce.






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