2017 Ledson Winery Sauvignon Blanc, Napa Valley

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The Winery

Photo from Ledson Website

The story begins in England in 1896 and is detailed on the website https://ledson.com/discover-ledson/history/ . It is a tale of hard work, family ties and a desire to do more for the community. Steve Ledson’s history is both unique and common—unique with background and successful venture and common with family ties. His demeanor and casual manner speaks volumes.

The Castle is the official tasting room of Ledson Winery and the architecture and construction alone are worth the visit! Ledson Winery offers the largest premium wine portfolio of any family owned winery in the United States. Today their offering numbers more than 70 wines annually! More information on Ledson Winery can be found at:


The Wine

Photo ©Michael Kelly

This wine has made my list of “Best of Year California Wines Tasted” annually.  I took this bottle out of the cellar for our Friday Night Wine & Dine dinner. As soon as it was opened I remembered why it made the Best Wines Tasted list for the last 3 years!

On the eyes, a beautiful golden color with a mid-heavy viscosity (odd for a Sauvignon Blanc).  On the nose, aromas of pineapple were dominate with guava and papaya following closely behind. On the palate, a unique soft citrus taste challenged the pineapple. In the mouth it was perhaps the most robust and mouth filling Sauvignon Blanc tasted in recent memory. It was also unique in tasting somewhere between New Zealand and the United States style Sauvignon Blanc on flavors. On the finish, it was medium length with a clean crispness, dry and yet exotic tropical fruits abounded.

The wine has received 93 points and a Gold Medal from the 2019 American Fine Wine Invitational and 90 points and a Gold Medal from the 2019 Winemaker Challenge International Wine Group.

It will once again get mentioned in the 2023 Best California Wines Tasted list at the end of this year.

The Food and Wine Pairing

Photo ©Michael Kelly

Dinner was at Verona18 at the Copper Valley Golf Course. Paired with the freshest and most tasteful shrimp with cocktail sauce I have had in the last 15 years.

Photo ©Michael Kelly

The main entrée was a Caesar Salad with salmon. Both were excellent with this wine and made a great pairing.








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