“From the Vine” movie with Italian Wines

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This last weekend, decided to watch a movie and “From the Vine” came up on the screen. Never heard anything about it but gave it try. While enjoying this quirky comedy movie with beautiful scenery, it begged to open a couple of Italian wines to enjoy. While the movie is set in Acerenza, in Potenza Province, which is known for their Aglianico wines, wanted to try a couple from the cellar. Geographically Acerenza is directly east of Naples about two thirds across the land towards the Adriatic Sea.

First up was a 2013 Guido Porro Barolo DOCG that was on the “To Drink List” for 2022. This wine come from Piedmont in northern Italy. Here is the description from Anthony Lynch, “While the Barolo appellation features marl soils throughout, the town of Serralunga is home to particularly poor, limestone-rich marls that give especially potent, structured expressions of Nebbiolo. The steep Lazzairasco vineyard lies in the lower portion of the famed Lazzarito cru and enjoys full southern and southeastern sun exposure and shelter from prevailing winds. As a result, this site bakes in the summer heat, producing ripe, full-throttle wines with all the heft, concentration, and aging potential Nebbiolo can provide”. A very good and dry Nebbiolo.

Second up was a 2013 Marina Cvetic Montepulciano d’ Abruzzo DOC. The wine come from the Abruzzo area, directly east of Rome bordered by the Adriatic Sea. The winery states “Deep ruby red, with an intense and very fine bouquet. Notes of cherry, currants and violets, enhanced by a slight scent of cocoa and vanilla, open up to a balanced, tasty palate full of details. Deep and harmonious, it closes with a finish of rare clarity”. This was also a good and enjoyable wine in which to watch the movie.

Our own memories of the Italian hillsides, the people, the vineyards and drinking these enjoyable wines made the movie even better!

Sláinte or perhaps Salute,






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