2019 Dracaena Cab Franc – A guest post by Jameson, the four legged human

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It is customary for me to accompany my owner, Michael Kelly into the wine cellar. What many people don’t know is that I am the one to pick out the wine!! So last evening to enjoy on the patio, I selected a 2019 Dracaena Cabernet Franc from Paso Robles. While I have not traveled to Paso Robles, often staying locally at the Doggie Resort & Spa for multi day trips. I have heard great reviews on many wines from the area. I overheard my owners talking about how Dracaena had won two out of three years Best of Class and Best of Show at the International Cabernet Franc Wine Competition & Celebration held in April each year. While as a dog, prefer to be called a four legged human, not drinking wine, I don’t understand the big deal. I have however visited over 300 wineries and can attest to good bushes to relieve myself, best dog treats and who continually refreshes their dog water bowl.  Michael told me should I take up reading, this is an excellent review of their wine:


Michael also mentioned to me that this small artisan and boutique winery is definitely getting noticed with winning a Gold Medal at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition for their 2019 Cabernet Franc. They have also won at the 2022 Los Angeles Invitational Wine and Spirits Challenge a Gold Medal and Best of Show for their Chenin Blanc.

My only beef with Dracaena Wines is how do I get my picture on that label??






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