2019 Dracaena Wines Cabernet Franc Named Best of Class and Best of Show by the People’s Judges at the 3rd Annual Cabernet Franc Wine Competition and Celebration

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It is often stated that “success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it come from what you do consistently”. No truer words sum up what Dracaena Cabernet Franc has done over the last three years. The first year of the Cabernet Franc Wine Competition, Dracaena won Best of Show (overall) by the Professional Judges. Repeating this performance in April 2022, Dracaena just won Best of Class ($31 to $50) from the People’s Choice Judges and Best of Show! As a reminder this is a blind tasting competition. The Professional Judges awarded them a Silver Medal.

The wine comes from the Plummer Vineyard in San Luis Obispo County. Dracaena Wines is located in Paso Robles. The current price is $34 on their website, and it is described as being filled with “aromas of dark cherry, baking spice and plum. The long finish is framed by structure tannins thanks to the added eight percent of West Side Paso Petit Verdot”. A key point not to be lost is that the five People’s Judges hailed from various regions such as San Ramon/Copper Valley, Milpitas/Valley Springs, San Jose/Copper Valley, Napa/Angels Camp and Sunnyvale/Fresno. So not a single judge was from Paso Robles and yet bestowed on them these high marks.

What makes this achievement even more grand is that Dracaena Wines only made 170 cases of their 2019 Cabernet Franc and their total production is 400 cases (includes Chenin Blanc, Rose and a Cabernet Franc Reserve). Previously I wrote a story comparing Dracaena as a David verses Goliath story.


Michael & Lori Budd were the force behind getting December 4th on the calendar as International Cabernet Franc Day. Lori, besides having a food science background and a graduate degree from UC Davis in the winemaking program, is a published author, award winning blog writer and podcast producer/host for Exploring the Wine Glass. Lori also gave a keynote speech about how Cabernet Franc has grown out of the shadow of its progeny at the Winemaker’s Dinner held during the Cabernet Franc Celebration. Below is quick wrap up on the Winemaker’s Dinner featuring Lori Budd and a story on the Wine Tasting and Appetizer Event which both Lori and Michael Budd poured at their booth.



This small boutique winery is definitely getting noticed with winning a Gold Medal at the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition for their 2019 Cabernet Franc. They have also won at the 2022 Los Angeles Invitational Wine and Spirits Challenge a Gold Medal and Best of Show for their Chenin Blanc.






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