2018 Brecon Cabernet Franc – Two Winning Submissions

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Brecon Estate located in the hills outside of Paso Robles, California participated in the December 2nd, 2020 National Cabernet Franc Wine Competition. The Competition was hosted by California Wines and Wineries at The Golf Club at Copper Valley in Copperopolis, California. This was a blind competition with two sets of judges (Professional and People’s Choice) in different areas of the facility. Brecon Estate Cabernet Franc Reserve 2018 won a Gold Medal from the Professional Judges and a Silver Medal from the People’s Choice Judges. They also submitted their 2018 Cabernet Franc that won a Silver from the Professional Judges and Double Gold and Best of Class from the People’s Choice Judges! An exceptional showing by both wines. Wines were submitted from 14 states and numerous AVA’s from around the United States. 

For more on the wine competition sponsored by California Wines and Wineries see:


First time I had experience tasting these two wonderful wines and I was extremely impressed. Surprisingly, while both wines did well, the regular won a slightly higher award than the Reserve and also Best of Class by the People’s Choice Judges.

The Wine

On the eyes the regular 2018 Cabernet Franc possessed a very dark crimson color with a purple hue. On the nose a beautiful raspberry, violet floral and dark cherry wandered into the olfactory senses. On the palate this continued to unfold with vanilla, soft leather, graphite and a tinge of green bell pepper (pyrazines). On the long finish, moist gravel minerality and fruit forwardness beckoned yet another sip. This is another “chewy” Cabernet Franc with the right amount of tannins and structures to be appreciated. 234 cases were produced, this wine was recently released and sells for $64. The winery suggests to drink now and up to 2030. Absolutely agree if you can hold out that long!

Food & Wine Pairing

Last evening while unseasonably warm (68 degrees), it was time to BBQ. Seared ribeye steaks and served medium rare with a nice juicy pink center. Yukon potatoes were also served. The 2018 Brecon Estate was perfectly matched for the meat.

This wine is definitely a contender to make my Best Wines of Year that will be published in December.






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