2014 YoungInglewood Malbec – Smoky and Tasty

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The Winery

One of my favorite wineries in Napa Valley for so many reasons. First the owners are dedicated to making excellent boutique and artisan wines. Small lots with handcrafted TLC. Secondly I was there during their opening and still frequent them as often as I can for their great wines and unlimited hospitality. You can read previous stories at:



Their wines, especially their Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon make my Best Wines of Year historically. This Malbec may also make this years list.

The Wine

This 2014 YoungInglewood Malbec has all the typical Malbec characteristics with dark fruit flavors and a light smoky finish and a generous finish. On the eyes a dark magenta color and medium viscosity. On the nose light smoky, plume and blueberries.  On the palate, black cherry and pomegranate come through as does a slight coffee, mocha, leather and gravel earthiness.  On the finish a tinge of vanilla & clove and soft rounded acid and tannins.  

The Food Pairing

Paired this evening with a Carne Asada using a flank steak. Fresh ingredients of chopped cilantro, olive oil, soy sauce, fresh squeezed orange and lime, chopped jalapeno pepper, minced garlic, cumin, kosher salt, ground pepper and marinated for 9-10 hours. Then BBQ’ed on high heat to medium rare, sliced and then drizzled with marinated sauce for plating.  Jalapeno and cheese rice served as a side with a fresh garden salad.  First time trying this recipe and Susan Kelly did a marvelous job with the preparations.

This sauce will be tried again with pork and chicken!!  A real winner and the wine made this Carne Asada deliriously delicious.






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