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When is art wine and wine art? Simply every day at Young Inglewood. From the beginning viewing the wine or their winery, the theme from their distinct logo is both artistic and symbolic of the balance in the wine and life.

To begin, Jim and Jacky met while in college and shared a passion/drive with wine. Jim and Jacky Young bought an historic piece of land in southern St Helena and have today all five Bordeaux varietals planted. Plus a couple of “others” in small yet to be released quantities. Most of the wine comes from the estate, but they do have access to some other vineyards around Napa & Sonoma Valleys. It is truly a family winery with Jim handling the operations and Jacky and son Scott, being the co-winemakers on property. Their daughter, Mary helps in the operations as while as providing an occasional flute recital.  Their time spent in Europe cultivated a real sense of old world wines and that is how they construct both their whites and reds. They like to describe themselves as presenting “old world non-interventionist” winemaking techniques. It surely shows in their incredible wines.

They currently offer the following wines: 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon Estate; 2012 Sonoma Chardonnay (Burgundian style from Michael Mara Vineyard) and 2013 Petit Verdot. Unfortunately their handcrafted wines are in high demand and they are currently sold out of their 2012 Napa Valley Chardonnay (next release April of 2013); the 2012 Right Bank (to be released in Feb) and 2015 Vin Clair Rose (Merlot & Malbec in April).

20160209_141456 - Copy

Of the wines recently tasted, the 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon was a direct hit for my palate and wasted no time purchasing a few bottles. In fact, this made my small list of “Top Wines of 2015” (see tab at ). The other wine that was spectacular, was their 2012 Napa Valley Chardonnay unfortunately it is sold out, with the 2013 due out in April, and it is a “winner” for sure! When it is released do not hesitate as it will be sold out almost immediately.


Now back to the art. On property, in their tasting room are some wonderful and unique pieces of art. Jim and Jacky have from their various travels, collected some absolute gems worthy of viewing alone. Coupled with the fact you can sip some unique and exquisite wines, along with discussing the artwork is a true “burgundy experience”. Mark Simon in the tasting room (a longtime friend), along with the Young’s, provide a casual and calm experience for tasting. The tasting room looks out into a garden area where some special Aligote vines were planted.

The additional kicker for me, is that they are dog friendly beyond normal. Beyond putting out water, they provide a “dog treat tray” for their four legged guests.  For the record, the dogs did not sit at the table nor partake in the wine tasting. The tray was moved to the floor, but I was allowed to sit at the table :<)


The bottom line on YoungInglewood is the tasteful and impactful logo—a tightrope walker striving for balance. So it is with YoungInglewood wines, “balance in vineyards, balance in wine and balance in life”.  Jacky and Scott have hit the mark with balance-fruit, tannins, acid and flat out flavor. Definitely worthy to visit, enjoy and treat yourself in purchasing some wine.


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