2017 Jeff Runquist Grenache – Paso Robles Meets Amador County

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Jeff Runquist has been making excellent wines for years as demonstrated by his numerous awards at every wine competition.  He often garners more awards than any other winery! The 2017 Grenache is also an award winning wine having won Silver Medals at both East Meets West and San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competitions. For more on information on Jeff Runquist’s Wines located in Amador County, read a previously written story at:


The 2017 Runquist Grenache grapes comes from the west side of Paso Robles at Three Way Vineyard. The vineyard is located at 1,530 feet elevation.  His current 2019 release comes from the award winning Silvaspoons Vineyard in Lodi. Over the years this vineyard has won both Double Gold and Gold at various competitions. It is listed at $26.00 at the winery.

On the eyes the 2017 has a bright purple color and medium viscosity. On nose, floral notes with a combination of red fruits (raspberry, cherry and strawberry) awaken ones senses. On the palate, the fruits combine with a soft earthiness to round out the flavor profile. A bit of cooking spices loom in the shadows to make this a tantalizing treat.  The tannins are guarded and hardly present as it goes down so smoothly.

The Food Pairing

The Grenache was served with a grilled spicy pork chop and accompanied by a sea salt encrusted baked potato and a beautiful artichoke. Both the fruit of the wine as well as the spice came together for the pork chop. A great “yin and yang”, push/pull tasting.






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