2017 Crocker & Starr Sauvignon Blanc – A Great Wine/Food Pairing!

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Last night a delightful 2017 Crocker & Starr Sauvignon Blanc. Pam Starr, the winemaker mostly known for her Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, has always made an excellent Sauvignon Blanc that is inappropriately seen sometimes as a step-child. I have always enjoyed this wine. This year they have sold out and the new release will be April 2021. This is your “tip of the day”!!

The wine on the eyes is a pale yellow straw color with a medium viscosity. On the nose tropical floral aromas. On the palate, is light and crispy with toned down hints of citrus, melon, lime, mango and kiwifruit notes. The finish provides a wet stone mineral finish. What is unique about Pam Starr’s Sauvignon Blanc is the non-aggressive “citrus profile” (unlike New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc’s). It is soft and mouthful with no after taste or puckering!

The food pairing was a fresh brook trout müllerin. The trout was cooked in olive oil, lemon citrus juice, pink Himalayan salt, rainbow ground peppers, lightly floured with lemon slices. Müllerin means “the miller’s wife’s” fish. Apply named because the mountain trout that came from streams that powered the flour mills. The citrus in the fish was exquisite intermingled with the wine. It provide a harmoniously beautiful meal.






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