2016 Rapp Ranch Carneros Chardonnay – Creamy Vanilla & Butterscotch

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Last night pulled a 2016 Rapp Ranch Carneros Chardonnay while enjoying the warm evening. Rapp Ranch Wines are part of the Shadybrook Estate Winery in Coombsville (Napa Valley). Winemaker Rudy Zuidema has consistently made this one of the perennial top 10 Chardonnay’s in California on my Best Wines of The Year. On the eye is a golden straw color and medium viscosity. On the nose and palate you are embraced with pear, kiwifruit and butterscotch. This wine is creamy with hints of vanilla. The finish has a slight minerality to make this a long lasting episode of enjoyment. The winery lists the price at $40 for the current release, 2017.


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