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One size doesn’t fit all is a perfect theme for La Folia Winery in Murphys. Not just because they sell hats at their tasting room (and I mean a lot of hats), their wine is for those who particularly like Italian wines.


In a rather impromptu meeting with Katie Anderson hostess at the tasting room, she explained their wines were for those who enjoyed Italian varietals. Katie was “filling in” this day, but provided a lot of background and stories of the winery which were very helpful and insightful. Thus their offering included Pinot Grigio, Sangiovese, Zinfandel, Barbera, Dolcetto, Primitivo and “The Madness” (a red blend of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Graciano and 25% Sangiovese. Actually La Folia translates as “the madness”. Winemaker Ryan Teeter came to name the winery while he was sipping his Zinfandel listening to Corelli’s La Folia. He believes this composition best explains the nuances and the ebb & flow of his wine on the palate. Ryan sources his grapes from El Dorado, Calaveras and Amador counties.


Two wines that especially exemplified this provocative sonata were 2012 Zinfandel varietal and the 2012 “The Madness” Blend. First the 2012 Zinfandel left “blackberries, cocoa powder and blueberry jam” on the palate. It was not a big Amador fruit bomb, definitely more refined with characteristics found in good Italian Zinfandel wines.

The second wine was the 2012 “The Madness” Red Wine Blend. Here again, with the mix of Cab Sauvignon, Graciano and Sangiovese, a distinct relative of the “Super Tuscan’s could be tasted in the mouth – similar to the musical notes, some smooth with easy transitions and yet some strong notes punctuating contrast to keep one aware of the various taste bud receptors in the palate.

To hear Corelli’s La Folia music click on the link:


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