Porter Creek

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One of the major tributaries feeding into the Russian River is Porter Creek. Adjacent, is the Porter Creek Winery operated by Alex Davis (son and winemaker) and his father (George). This vineyard is organic and seeking biodynamic status on their 20 acre estate. Alex prefers to develop a Burgundian styles of wine varietals with natural fermentation process on the sloped hillsides of the estate.


 The operation is truly a family run business and lacking all the “corporate pizazz” from the down home style of the tasting room to the moderately priced wines. The wines are truly for purchasing and enjoying not to be shoved into a dark cellar. There is a wholesomeness and honesty that exudes from these wines.


On the day I was there, two wines stood out. First the 2013 George’s Hill Chardonnay with a lemony note, with a hint of pear with some subtle minerality. The second wine was the 2012 Pinot Noir Hillside Vineyard. This was from one of the older vineyards, which yields very low tonnage of grapes (1 to 1 ½ per acre). The wine was complex and extremely dense both in color and taste.

If you want to experience a “down home family winery” without the modern glitter and showiness, yet with very good wines, look no further than Porter Creek for a wonderful experience.



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