Mountain Terraces Vineyard

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Mountain Terraces Vineyard is another project by Steve Ledson in Sonoma of Ledson Winery fame. Unique about this property besides having 125 acres on the slope of the Mayacama’s, is it unique terraces ranging from 2200 feet elevation cascading down the hillside to 600 feet.


This aerial picture was taken by Jerry Padilla, assistant winemaker at Ledson Winery in March 2016 shows this beautiful piece of real estate.

I had the privilege to be invited in March 2015 as this is a private working estate. You can see in comparison of the hillside picture verses a year later. The views from this facility are unique as the terroir.


One of the first noticeable features is the “rockiness” of the soil. This soil was made for struggling vines and shows in the making of their two distinct Cabernet Sauvignon’s. The first is “Lex’s” which is 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, which is big, dark fruit and complex tannins. In my opinion one of the best coming out of Sonoma. The second is their “Taylor’s” which is more in the Bordeaux style with a mellower presentation and softer tannins. Both are excellent. They both are resting comfortably in my cellar today. The wines are aged 24-30 months in French barrels and once racked allowed to settle for 12 months.


The presentation and discussion of the wines by Jerry was spot on and a few friends from Ireland thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

If you are ever fortunate enough to be invited, do not hesitate as the wines, views, presentation and terraces are extremely comparable – all being top tier! In the interim you can order the wines on line.


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