2019 Wood Family Vineyards Malbec

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The Wine -2019 Wood Family Vineyards Malbec

This wine on the eyes is medium viscosity with a deep royal purple coloration, yet around the rim it is almost translucent. On the nose blackberries and dark red plums are the leaders rushing in to claim dominance in the olfactory senses. Also present were violets and roses. On the palate almost overpowering black and dark red fruits (blackberries and plums) come to the forefront with tobacco, French oak, chocolate, black licorice and fresh leather. The finish is velvety smooth with medium acidity and rounded embracing tannins with no sharpness. Also on the finish the presence of ground stone minerality provide a juicy and mouth filling finish. Alcohol was 14.8% and listed at the winery at $36/bottle. This Malbec has been on my list of Best Wines Tasted Yearly for the last three years!

The Food and Wine Pairing

The meal was a Mongolian Beef recipe. Ingredients included cut up Coulotte steak, cornstarch, canola oil, minced garlic cloves, soy sauce, brown sugar, hoisin sauce, water, red pepper flakes, black pepper and green onions. The wine paired terrifically like two old friends shaking hands, firm and with warmth and understanding of each other’s personalities. Other possible wines Included Zinfandel, Grenache and Riesling but this hit the bullseye! Long grain rice, broccoli and a fresh garden salad accompanied the dish for a complete meal.

If you like Malbec, this is surely one to have in your cellar not just for the appealing taste, but for great versatility with a variety of meals.






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