Copper Valley Wine Club – A Taste of France

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Our local community, Copper Valley held a wonderful event this last Saturday called a French Wine Dinner. It was sponsored by the Copper Valley Wine Club with various homes (six in total) following the same recipe and holding dinner for eight people. At the conclusion of dinner, everyone met at one of the Board Members houses for dessert.  The Copper Valley Wine Club, like so many organizations impacted by Covid but are now springing forward with a variety of events, wine activities and trips.

Our hosts started out with Champagne, with or without raspberry, and appetizers

The dinner served was Beef Bourguignon (which was delicious) with sides of chive mashed potatoes and roasted asparagus. Each guest was to bring a side dish as well as a French wine.

Wines included Champagne, Chêne Bleu (Syrah/Grenache), Beaujolais-Villages (Gamay) and a few more!! Here is a previous written story on Chêne Bleu:

At the conclusion of the evening the desserts were various macaroons and cookies. Also, any wine left over was brought to share.

A very thoughtful and enjoyable event. Can’t wait for the next theme dinner and wines.




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