How U Doin’ Wine from 3 Steves Winery

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The Winery

First those who may not know 3 Steve’s Winery, they are located in Livermore, California. 3 Steves continues to impress the wine community both in Livermore and around California. How 3 Steves Winery started was three friends (Steve Burman, Steve Melander and Steve Zigant), all in the wine business, wanted to own their own winery. They insisted on meticulously working their own vineyard as well as bringing fruit back to their winery. Thus their tagline “3 Friends Striving to Make the Perfect Wine”. They opened the property in 2013 after a few years producing wine at a custom crush operation. 

For being opened such a short time, you would not think this list of accomplishments was possible. This is just a partial listing of their awards:

  • 2011 Cienega Valley Ancient Vine Zinfandel – 2014 San Francisco Chronicle Best Red Wine of Show (Red Wine Sweepstake Winner)
  • 2012 Sauvignon Blanc – 2013 Tri Valley Conservancy Uncorked Wine Competition, Best White Wine of Show
  • 2014 Sauvignon Blanc – 2015 Tri Valley Conservancy Uncorked Competition Best Sauvignon Blanc of Show
  • 2011 Cabernet Franc – Affairs of the Vine 2013 Cabernet Shootout Second Place, Best Wine of Show
  • 2012 Livermore Valley Merlot -2015 San Francisco Chronicle Best of Class
  • 2013 Cabernet Franc  – 2016 San Francisco Chronicle Double Gold
  • 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon – 2016 San Francisco Chronicle Gold
  • 2012 Sauvignon Blanc – 2013 Tri Valley Conservancy Uncorked Wine Competition Gold Medal
  • 2019 California Wines and Wineries Cabernet Franc Celebration – Professional Judges award a Gold Medal and People’s Choice Judges award Best of Show and Double Gold

The Background Story – Todd Smith

This story is about Todd Smith, who has been a longtime friend even before 3 Steve’s Winery came into existence. It is 3 Steve’s Winery policy to provide all their tasting room personnel business cards. Todd has the unique title listed as “VP of Happiness”. Todd’s mission in life is to do right and make sure all customers are ensured of being happy while visiting 3 Steves. Todd’s entire family is from New York and Todd stays in typical New York character with his NY Yankee hat to his accent.

How U Doin’ Red Wine

Todd asked several years back if they would consider making a “Big Wine” in NY fashion like a guy walking down the street and asking How U Doin’? Thus the wine was conceived. The 2019 How U Doin’ is 70% Ancient Vine Zinfandel from Cienega Valley and 30% Syrah from Livermore Valley. This wine is set to debut at 3 Steve’s Wine Club in May 2022. It is targeted for their Wine Club members and available while quantities last by special request. The wine was dark on the eyes and in the palate a spicy concoction of deliciousness enveloped the palate. The finish was long lasting and complex with the Old Vine Zinfandel and Syrah.

The Food Pairing (sort of)

We tried to order a pizza (a NY style would have been even better), but due to logistics the local pizza pallor couldn’t get one out to us for 3 hours! So we simple had some appetizers. Still the wine held up to Blue Cheese, sharp cheddar and an assortment of tidbits.  I could imagine having spaghetti, ravioli, and various other items with the wine for a wonderful food pairing. An especially great wine for your typical New Yorker or any wine lover!




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