2015 Hindsight Wines, Howell Mountain—Aging Gracefully

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The definition of hindsight is “understanding of a situation or event, only after it has happened or developed”.  For me having the opportunity to taste this Hindsight wine was similar.  It is always noteworthy to try a wine after you have laid it down for a while.

Pulled this Hindsight 2015 Howell Mountain 100% Cabernet Sauvignon from Bella Vetta Vineyard out of the cellar the other night and it was absolutely delightful. This vineyard is owned by Jac Cole on Howell Mountain at 2,000 foot elevation along the La Jota Ridge.  Jac the winemaker states due to a late spring cold snap, the yield was less than 50%. The good news: those vines produced grapes that provided intense flavor. On the eyes, by comparison, a darker fruit in the glass due to a longer extraction by the winemaker. Viscosity is medium to medium heavy. On the nose, distinct blackberries and raspberries. On the palate, some dark cocoa, soft pipe tobacco, plum and licorice. Angular tannins and multi-layered structure provide a finish of delight and quality. This wine is aged almost two years in 60% new French oak barrels. It is Napa Valley Howell Mountain fruit at its best!   This was rated a high mark in “my book” of the Best Wines of 2020 and was noted as one of the Best Wines at the end the year. It  again will make the Best Wines of 2021 at years end, and goes for $95/bottle.

So as I concluded in a previous story on Hindsight Wines, why wasn’t Hindsight Wines in my “wine sensory” vision? No idea but it is now! Having the previous review of their wines and placing an order immediately to add to the cellar, I am so very pleased with its development and regrettably now wished I had ordered more!!






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