Tate Wine – 2015 Spring Street Merlot

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The Winery

David Tate and his wife, Suzanne Tate are partners in TATE Wines. First a little history on how TATE Wines came to existence. Suzanne’s brief history while going to college in Austin, Texas (where she was raised), she very much enjoyed a wine appreciation course. She then went to study culinary arts at CCA in San Francisco. She went to work in Houston at a fine wine distributor for five years. It was a wine dinner that she met David Tate.  In 2010, she moved to Napa Valley.

David Tate’s credentials as a winemaker span over 20 years with a very strong background: Ridge Vineyards, as an assistant winemaker; worked in Barossa Valley, Australia; Provence, France; Canterbury, New Zealand. He also has travelled to just about every fine wine region in the world. David graduated from Brock University in Enology and Viticulture with honors. David is originally from Vancouver, British Columbia. David currently is the winemaker at Barnett Vineyards, winning many outstanding awards for their wine.

In 2011 David and Suzanne formed TATE Wines. So here again is a perfect blending of the two, David as the artisan winemaker, Suzanne as the marketing and sales arm, one from Canada and one from Texas. Yet combined they make a synergistic and complementary team of two, ready to take on the world with their wines. Today they have a tasting room in St Helena and offer besides the Merlot, 4 Cabernet Sauvignons from different vineyards and a Chardonnay.

For more background on Tate Wines read this earlier post:


The Wine

Opened a 2015 Tate Wines Merlot from the cellar that comes from St Helena, Napa Valley. Suzanne and David Tate have provided an extremely robust Merlot. Dark ruby on the eyes and purple hues with a medium to medium heavy viscosity. On the nose a dark fruit compote leads to a beautiful sweet & sour cherry and plum fruit with red licorice. The finish provides a hint of oak and cedar with soft tannins but with some edginess not often found in a “smooth” Merlot which was an enjoyable treat!  Also on the finish pomegranate with medium acidity. This is not necessarily a soft and comforting Merlot, more like a bone embracing solid bear hug with a big squeeze! A remarkable Merlot. Currently they are offering the 2018 Reason Vineyard Merlot at $55.

The Food & Wine Pairing

The food pairing with the Tate Merlot was a stir fried teriyaki chicken with Bucatini pasta and broccoli. Also a fresh garden salad was served. The smoothness and fruit of the Tate Merlot complimented some of the spice in the dish. An excellent pairing.






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