2018 Maritana Dutton Ranch, Hansen Hill Vineyard – The Epitome of Chardonnay

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I usually don’t give such lofty praise, but when it is abundantly clear you have tasted the quintessential and benchmark of Chardonnay, you must call it as you see it!

The Winery & Winemaker

(Donald Patz standing in Shop Block with Hansen Hill behind him)

I have provided just below a couple of links on Donald Patz, the man behind the astonishing new labels of wines: Secret Door (Cabernet Sauvignon), Maritana Wines (Pinot Noir & Chardonnay) and Terminim (Roussanne & Marsanne blend). His extraordinary vision and energy, combined with his 35+ years of making exceptional wines already has wine aficionados taking notice.

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The Wine

On the eyes a beautiful and glistening golden yellow flirts with your visual impression. In the glass, the color reinvigorates itself constantly beckoning you to pick up this heavy viscosity wine.  Once you take the glass to your nose, the aromas of honeysuckle, toasted almonds and brioche swarm your senses. In the background vanilla and fresh honey (but not sweet) provide an intoxicating aroma. Once in mouth, the palate begins to find the aforementioned aromas now in your taste buds. Additionally, the texture and mouth fill is “other worldly” with a fullness and creaminess. That alone is worth the “price of admission” for this wine. But yet there is still more to be tasted – soft rounded lemon, apple and peach. None are sharp or jagged, just lurking in the shadows of your mouth. Once the finish comes into play, the refined structure, minerality and then the clarity of thought hits you like never before – this is no ordinary Chardonnay. This Maritana wine has both Herculean strength and panache in the same bottle! I was so intrigued about the creaminess and texture, I asked Donald Patz about it. His comment was “…it’s a function of the grape source and not waiting for super-ripeness. Hansen Hill would be a Grand Cru site for sure”.  Only 250 cases produced using 20% new French oak barrels with tight grain from various coopers. Available at the winery for $90. If you have a special occasion coming up, this is one to splurge on.

The Wine & Food Pairing

Paired with two small fresh tuna filets sautéed in olive oil, lemon juice, chardonnay, minced purple onions and various spices. Created a sauce using wasabi, minced fresh ginger, Italian seasoning and coarse black pepper. Accompanied by broccoli lightly sautéed with white onions and a twice backed Idaho potato.  Should I ever be in a position to have my last meal and a white wine, this is what I would choose!!






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