2018 Maritana Chardonnay, La Rivière – An Incredible Food Pairing

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Dinner last night with a magical 2018 Maritana Chardonnay Sonoma County Russian River La Rivière (meaning the river). While Donald Patz had many years ago produced Chardonnay’s, more recently he has been known as an industry leader for his Pinot Noir’s. I have had this wine before, but what my palate tasted last evening was close to “a perfect Chardonnay”. I know that is a remarkable accolade, but it is deserving!

First on the eyes, clarity and brightness and ethereal straw golden yellow color. On the nose and mouth, it was a refined and delicate Chardonnay with soft lemon custard and a Red Delicious apple, vanilla, slight pear overtones with a caramel finish. Of noteworthy importance is the “creaminess” of the wine. It provided an enormous mouthfeel. As the wine settles in the back of mouth, a minerality of a babbling mountain brook or creek came to mind. This wine was of another spectrum of quality found only in wines in a much higher in price range ($100), it reminded me of the higher end Kistler Chardonnay or Peter Michael Chardonnay, specifically La Carriere. Current price for La Rivière is $55 and frankly a true bargain to treat your palate.

The wine was served with a stir-fried chicken and Bok choy served over a bed of white rice. The chicken & Bok choy was prepared using sesame oil, white onions, ginger root, minced garlic and a smidgen of soy sauce, garnished with sesame seeds.

For a complete story on Donald Patz’s wines see: https://californiawinesandwineries.com/2018/12/06/maritana-vineyards-four-aces-on-the-first-vintage/






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