2018 Hunter Glenn Chardonnay — Understated Elegance

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The Winery

To start out who is Hunter Glenn? It is a sister/brother duo of Caroline Shifflett and Jeffrey Shifflett, Jr. The name came about as Caroline’s middle name is Hunt and Jeffrey is Glenn. Changing the name to Hunter made more sense than “Hunt Glenn”!! The family has a long history in Napa Valley. It started in 1942 with the purchase of 120 acres in the foothills of the Mayacamas Range. Originally used for farming and later for cattle grazing, but in the late 1970’s they planted 60 acres of grapes. In 1981 the first Chardonnay was planted and from that point albeit with a few bumps in the road like Phylloxera, Pierce’s Disease and weather variables, they have endured to produce some outstanding wines over the last 30 years. Today they produce Chardonnay, Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and a red blend. Additionally they produce an award winning Cabernet Franc, which just won a Silver Medal from two sets of judges at the National Cabernet Franc Wine Competition hosted by California Wines and Wineries. More about that in another story.

The 2018 Hunter Glenn Chardonnay

Looked for different Chardonnay this evening to have with dinner. It didn’t take long to find the 2018 Hunter Glenn Chardonnay. On the eyes, a light glistening golden yellow color. On the nose Bartlett pears was the dominate aroma with a floral note of jasmine. On the palate, the pear moved to the background and Delicious apples and a slight lemon citrus presented itself on each sip. The finish was crisp, mild and enjoyable yet beckoning one to take another sip to discover its layers of refreshment. The wine uses 25% new French oak and underwent 50% secondary malolactic fermentation but did not allow it to turn into a “butterball” Chardonnay.

The Food Pairing

Paired with a chicken Piccata and served with a mix of long grain and brown rice. The very slight “citrus” of the wine, was a perfect introduction and transition to the chicken Piccata cooked with lemon.






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