A Great New Find – Intelligent Vacuum Wine Preserver

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If you need something to preserver an open bottle of wine this article is for you!

While I don’t normally talk about “wine gadgets” this one came to my attention from Nicole Jiang from Shenzhen, China. My initial reaction about preserving half opened bottle of wine was mixed with skepticism and providing little value, as I normally don’t have half open bottle (but that is another issue!). Should a need arise I have a Coravin and an Air Cork (bladder device), to keep a bottle fresh. Each has its own pros and cons but after many email exchanges I agree to try the Intelligent Vacuum Wine Preserver.

The unique draw of this unit is the claim to keep the vacuum tight for up to 30 days, thus making the wine available with no loss of flavor. This is done with the top of the unit creating a vacuum in the bottle expunging the air from the bottle. Should any leak occur, leaving the apparatus attached it will on its own detect a minuscule leak and re-vacuum itself. I had to admit when leaving it on the counter when the vacuum went off, I was a bit startled hearing the sound thinking an appliance in the kitchen was on the fritz. You can take off the apparatus but it will last a shorter time. You can tell this by the silver vacuum plug popping up!

When the need does arise to keep a partial or half open bottle of wine, I usually use the Air Cork for its ease of use. So I did two experiments with the Intelligent Vacuum Wine Preserver. The first one was to purposely leave a half open bottle of wine for three days on the counter. After opening it, the wine was still good and enjoyable but loss a just little something. One thing I noticed was the silver top had popped a bit up on the rubber stop and “the pop” when opening it up was faint, signifying a vacuum loss. I contacted the manufacturer in China and it appears it was an operator issue (me) in not charging the unit completely before setting the device.

On the second try, after fully charging the unit via USB connection, storing it vertically as stated in the instructions and now in the wine cellar it was a fresh as a newly opened bottled. To reconfirm nothing was “lost”, I did open a new bottle of the same vintage of wine and it was indistinguishable from the wine stored for 3 days in a side by side tasting.  While not having an occasion to use this often, I will not hesitate to use the Intelligent Vacuum Wine Preserver. BTW, 13.8 Celsius is 56.84 degrees Fahrenheit as it was out of the cellar (55 degrees) for a few minutes while taking the pictures.

Using the unit with just the rubber stopper and the initial vacuum set with the apparatus removed, the wine will stay fresh for up to 7 days. With the apparatus attached it will “re-fresh the vacuum” and claims to keep the wine fresh for 30 days.  The apparatus also shows the temperature, battery level and display “OK” when a vacuum has been set. Additionally two stoppers, an USB cable and detailed instruction are including.

I have no vested interest or monetary compensation but thought the device easy to use without costly re-fills or other issues. I was amazed at the simplicity and ease of use and can honestly recommend the unit. It can be order at the Newegg Platform:

https://www.newegg.com/p/2DA-0067-00001?Description=Wine%20preserver&cm_re=Wine_preserver-_-9SIASBDCSW6832-_-Product&quicklink=true . It retails for $69.

Should you need something to keep a partially opened bottle overnight or up to 30 days this was a great new find.





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