2012 Coup de Foudre Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley, California

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The Name Coup de Foudre
First off how does one pronounce Coup de Foudre? Relatively easily as “koo dah foo drah”! Now that we have established one fact, what does it mean? Coup de Foudre translated means “when lightning strikes”. It is basically that moment that is special and you want to capture it forever. The romantic story behind the label is easily read on their website as told by the owner John Schwartz, is good read. A nice touch with a bonus. Not only is the name unique, but the label was a big surprise! It is a peel off label with one side the same as the bottle label and the other side a notepad of who, where, when and why you shared this wine. A very clever and smart idea for a remembrance!

The Winery and Winemaker
This wine comes from their four acre Calistoga vineyard. They also produce a Cuvee blend, Les Bouquinistes (Bordeaux blend), Pinot Noir (from vineyards in Sonoma), their Lightning Bolt (Cabernet Sauvignon with special barrel treatment), Malbec, Sauvignon Blanc and even offer their Coup de Fole (Brut Champagne from Epernay, France). Most of their wines rate between 94 points to 97 points by Antonio Galloni and Robert Parker. The winemaker is Kent Jarman learning and perfecting his trade at Kenefick Ranch, Somerston and Chappellett Winery to name a few.


The Wine  – 2012 Coup de Foudre Cabernet Sauvignon
This vintage was made up with 85% Cabernet Sauvignon, 8% Cabernet Franc and 7% Petit Verdot. It was aged 22 months in 75% new French barrels. The added grape varietals can be seen in the deep red/purple coloring in the glass. On the nose, black and blue fruits abound. On the palate, one quickly picks up a dusty earthiness, slight tobacco and vanilla. The finish has both structure and defined tannins. I picked up this bottle almost five years ago and it could have gone another 3-4 years in the cellar. Only 650 cases were produced. Current release of this wine sells for $115.

The Food Pairing
Last night a 1 ½ inch Ribeye steak, seared and BBQed and served medium rare with a luscious pink center. Sides included a thin whole wheat noodles coked in olive oil and Parmesan cheese. A Blue Cheese & bacon fresh garden salad (not in the picture) was also part of the meal. A wonderful marriage of food and wine!


While I don’t want to be hit by lightning, I could easy be convinced to drink another bottle of Coup de Foudre.






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