Mia Nipote

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Mia Nipote, a Livermore AVA wine, is fairly new to the business. That said this is no ordinary “mom & pop” garage operation. In fact just the opposite is true! The best word to describe their operation is QUALITY. From the hiring of the top tier winemaker (Chad Alexander), to Viticulturists (Bryan Rahn, Michael Princeville) to selected Clones (337,7,191) to manicured “V” trellis system to 75% new French barrels each year this is no ordinary Livermore wine. The proof is in their award winning 2010, 2011 & just released 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon (2010 & 2012 are my favorites). They also produce and sell a 2014 Sauvignon Blanc with fresh citrus and pineapple coming through. Their Wine Club has release parties held either at their home or this fall at Castlewood CC along with food and live music. So while Lynn and Kevin, owners will talk about the tribute of their wine to her grandfather (Mia Nipote is Italian for “my granddaughter”), I think it a testament of a commitment to quality at every turn of the operation, up to and including a “heavy weight bottle” and classic labeling. Definitely a wine for your cellar. Great job!




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