2018 GoodMills Family Winery – Teroldego

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Teroldego is a red Italian grape variety grown in the northeastern region of Trentino-Alto, Italy.

(Photo from Wikipedia)

The name Teroldego means “the little sour one” because it is often compared to another grape, Vinci Prosecco which is known for its delicate flavor. Teroldego has been called the “Champagne of the Alps” because it can be used as an alternative when making sparkling wine. The grape also grows in Tuscany and Sicily. It is primarily used for blending in dry wines. It is deeply colored and has unique fruity aromas with flavors of red cherry, raspberry, black fruit, earthiness and herbs.

(picture by USDA)

The growth of Teroldego is strong in California being in 2008 only 80 acres were planted. In 2021 (latest figures) show about 1,029 acres. Two agricultural districts (11 & 17) contribute almost 86% of the production of Teroldego in California.

The Winery

GoodMills Winery is owned by Brad and Lauri Mills. They founded their boutique winery on the premise of a simple philosophy “Good Friends, Good Times, For GoodMills Wines!” They are located on the east side of Lodi at 17266 Hillside Drive on 10 acres. Their white wines are Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc. Their red wines are Syrah, Petite Sirah, Teroldego and Tempranillo. This wine was given to me from a new neighbor to try so I haven’t yet visited the winery.

The Wine – 2018 GoodMills Teroldego

(Photo ©Michael Kelly)

The wine on the eyes is extremely dark purplish red with medium heavy viscosity. On the nose pepper spice and red fruits abound with surprisingly intense aromas. On the palate, cranberry with a mix of blackberry and raspberry are dominate. Secondary flavors of pepper and black earthiness (old world) come into play. On the finish, almond and a smidge of licorice coat the mouth and throat with medium but present tannins. A very comfortable Teroldego to drink.

The Food and Wine Pairing

(Photo ©Michael Kelly)

On for what we Californian’s call a cold evening (temperature reaching in the low 30’s), it is nice to enjoy “winter comfort food” such as meatloaf. A delicious meatloaf baked with cheddar cheese and served with a drizzle of Stewart & Jasper Orchards Raspberry Chipotle sauce. A little Tabasco sauce also was added for “more heat”. Accompanied by a fresh garden salad. The GoodMills Family wine provided the right touch to the meal providing a framework for the meatloaf. The sweetness and “heat” from the sauce played a great role. A very good food and wine pairing.

Can’t wait to visit them and taste some of their other wines!







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