2009 Entre Nous Cabernet Sauvignon – What a great wine!

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2023 continues to bestow great wines to be tasted! Pulled out of the cellar a 2009 Entre Nous, French for “between us” which continues to delight and bring forth such a rich and luscious Cabernet Sauvignon. The 26 acre estate with 16 acres planted is directly next door to Cardinale Estate winery, unfortunately Entre Nous closed their doors. You can still find some of their wine at wine brokers and you will not be disappointed.

(Photo ©Michael Kelly)

Entre Nous was a small boutique winery with production done by the award winning Philippe Melka. Wine Advocate consistently rated their wines in the 94-96 point range and the 2009 rated 98 points by Robert Parker. Almost all Cabernet Sauvignon and just a little Petit Verdot added. Only 281 cases were produced and today sells for roughly $155/bottle. It tasted like a $300 to $500 bottle of wine!

(Photo ©Michael Kelly)

The wine is typical Oakville character with spiciness and opulence.  On the eyes dark deep blackish red in color and heavy viscosity. On the nose, aromas of violets and dark fruit (blackberries) waft into the senses beckoning the first sip. On the palate, an almost sensory overload with black cherries, soft leather and chocolate. Mint and cinnamon linger on the finish which is long lasting and enjoyable. The tannins have softened from the original release but still present enough to provide an edginess. The soft oak is present in the background, but not in your face.  This Cabernet Sauvignon dances merrily in the mouth and immediately captures your imagination. One of the smoothest Cabernet Sauvignon’s tasted in a while. A wine I can whole heartedly recommend without hesitation for a special occasion.

The “between us” translation is meant for bringing those together who enjoy drinking a wonderful wine and is best enjoyed with others! This is the real deal, so let’s keep this “between us”.





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