The Best Wines Tasted in 2022 – Yearly Summary

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This is my 10th year publishing the Best Wines Tasted in the year. This year a little over 1,700 wines were tasted at various events, wineries, judging wine competitions, meals with friends and pulling wine out of the cellar. Just under 10% made this list. The criteria is first broken down by two categories, one being up to $50 and the other being $51 and up.  The wines selected range from $10 to well over $200, something for everyone’s budget. The wines chosen are from my log book keeping track of each wine tasted or consumed over the year with my personal rating. The major considerations are color, aromatics, flavor and finish. Also playing a role in the “up to $51” is a value component. Many new wineries appeared this year and I also added a foreign wine listing. Many of the wines listed have stories written about them at and on a laptop or desktop computer, you will find search engine area on the website on the right hand side, type in the winery/wine and hit enter.

I hope you enjoy this year’s list and find an opportunity to try several in 2023. Wishing everyone enjoyable holidays and a hopeful New Year.



$50 and below
3 Steves2017Carmenere
Above The Rush2019Tempranillo
Acquiesce2020Grenache Blanc
Acquiesce2019Ingenue (Blend)
Acquiesce2020Picpoul Blanc
Balverne2019Pinot Noir
Crystal Basin 2017Tempranillo “Quijote Grand” (Blend)
Cuda Ridge2017Cabernet Franc
Cuda Ridge2019Carmenere
Cuda Ridge2019Petit Verdot
deTENT2020Sauvignon Blanc
Dracaena Wines2019Cabernet Franc
Dracaena Wines2019Cabernet Franc, Reserve
Gossamer Cellars2018Negramaro
Gossamer Cellars2019Tannat
Hindsight2018Cabernet Sauvignon “20/20”
Hindsight2020Sauvignon Blanc
Iron Hub2018Chardonnay
Jeff Runquist2014Cabernet Franc
Jeff Runquist2020Cabernet Franc
Kautz & Kramer2018Cabernet Franc
Kenefick Ranch 2018Cabernet Franc
Lavender Ridge2019Roussanne
Mer Soleil2019Chardonnay, SLH Reserve
Mineral Wines2018Syrah
Narmada2014Cabernet Franc
Nostra Vita2018Petite Sirah
Oak Farms2015Petit Verdot
Porch Wines2019Sauvignon Blanc
Prospect 7722020Grenache “Brat”
Prospect 7722020Syrah “The Brawler”
Shale Canyon2017Blend “Amalgamation”
Shale Canyon2016Cabernet Franc
Shale Canyon2017Merlot
Silver Trident2019Sauvignon Blanc
Smith-Madrone2017Riesling Estate
Tobin James2019Cabernet Sauvignon “Notorius”
Tobin James2017Lagrein
Tobin James2018Nebbiolo
Tobin James2018Syrah “Rock-n-Roll”
Twisted Oak2016“The Spaniard” Blend
Wolff Vineyards2020Chardonnay
Wood Family Vineyards2020Against the Grain (Bourbon Barrel)
Wood Family Vineyards2018Cabernet Franc
Wood Family Vineyards2020Chardonnay
Wood Family Vineyards2021Chardonnay
Wood Family Vineyards2019Malbec
Wood Family Vineyards2019Petit Verdot
Wood Family Vineyards2018Petite Sirah
Wood Family Vineyards2019Syrah
Zuidema Wines2016Grenache   
Zuidema Wines2017Grenache   
BARRA of Mendocino2019Zinfandel
 $51 and above 
Ackerman2009Cabernet Sauvignon
 Acre Wines (One Acre)2016Cabernet Sauvignon, Lamm Vineyard
Acre Wines (One Acre)2018Cabernet Sauvignon, Porchview
Acre Wines2018Merlot
Acre Wines2019Merlot
Acre Wines (One Acre)2018Cabernet Sauvignon, Lamm Vineyard
Adaptation2018Cabernet Sauvignon
Austin Hope2021Cabernet Franc
Austin Hope2021Graciano
Avril Taylor2012Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley
Beaulieu Vineyard2011Cabernet Sauvignon Georges de LaTour
Bianchi2018Cabernet Franc
Blackbird2014Blend “Parmour”
Brecon2019Cabernet Franc
Brickbarn2018Cabernet Franc
Casa Piena2009Cabernet Sauvignon
Caymus2005Cabernet Sauvignon  
Chateau Montelena2013Cabernet Sauvignon
Cornerstone Cellars2017Cabernet Franc
Crocker & Starr2018Blend “AVA”
Crocker & Starr2018Blend “Casali 9”
Crocker & Starr2012Cabernet Franc
Crocker & Starr2013Cabernet Franc
Crocker & Starr2015Cabernet Franc
Crocker & Starr2018Cabernet Sauvignon “Post 1”
Crocker & Starr2020Sauvignon Blanc
Detert2012Cabernet Franc
De Tierra2017Cabernet Franc
Diamond Mountain Vineyards2018Cabernet Franc
Duckhorn2017Cabernet Sauvignon
Hanna2015Blend “Bismark”
Hewitt2010Cabernet Sauvignon
Hindsight2017Cabernet Sauvignon  “Calistoga”
Hindsight2017Cabernet Sauvignon  “Howell Mtn”
Hindsight2015Cabernet Sauvignon  “Howell Mtn”
Keever2012Cabernet Sauvignon
Larkmead2011Cabernet Sauvignon “Napa Valley”
Larkmead2012Cabernet Sauvignon “Napa Valley”
Larkmead2010LMV Salon “Bordeaux Blend” 
Laura Michael2009Cabernet Sauvignon “Bentley”
L’Autre Cote2018Cabernet Franc
L’Autre Cote2017Cabernet Franc
Leal Vineyards2013Cabernet Franc
Leal Vineyards2012Cabernet Sauvignon
Ledson2019Chardonnay “Dutton Ranch”
Lightpost2018Cabernet Franc
Lineage2009“Bordeaux Blend”
Lions Peak2017Petit Verdot
LXV Wines2020Cabernet Franc Reserve
Oakville East2015Cabernet Franc
O’Shaughnessy2011Cabernet Sauvignon Howell Mtn
O’Shaughnessy2010Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley
Outpost2011Cabernet Sauvignon “True”
Peter Michael2012Chardonnay “Mon Plaisir”
Rapp Ranch2019Cabernet Sauvignon
Rapp Ranch2019Chardonnay   
Realm2012“Bordeaux Blend – Bard”
Robert Mondavi2010Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve
Rosa Fierro Cellars2019Cabernet Franc “Big Daddy”
Shadybrook Estate2018Blend “V”
Shadybrook Estate2012Cabernet Sauvignon
Silver Trident2017Cabernet Sauvignon  
Silver Trident2019Pinot Noir
Smith-Madrone2019Cabernet Sauvignon  
Steven Kent Winery2016Cabernet Franc
Steven Kent Winery2012Cabernet Sauvignon “Home Ranch”
Stonestreet2017Cabernet Sauvignon
Tate2014Cabernet Sauvignon “Spring St”
Titus Family2019Cabernet Franc
Titus Family2018Petit Verdot
Trespass2011Cabernet Franc
Trespass2012Cabernet Franc
Truchard2018Cabernet Sauvignon, Reserve
Villa Vallecito2019Cabernet Franc
Villa Vallecito2017Grenache
VJB Cellars2017Aglianico
VJB Cellars2017Sagrantino
YoungInglewood2013Blend – Right Bank
YoungInglewood2014Blend – Right Bank
YoungInglewood2009Cabernet Sauvignon
 Foreign Wines 
Alaya Tierra2018Granacha/Tera
Albamar2021Sauvignon Blanc
Azores Wine Company2020Vinha Centenaria Branco
Casa Silva2019Carmenere
Chateau de Blingyn/vChampagne
Domus Aurea2015Cabernet Sauvignon
Duas Quintas2018Blend
Fraga da Gachofa2017Blend
iDUS de Vall Llach2016Blend -Carinena and Garnacha
La Quercia2012Montepulcian d’ Abruzzo
Marquis Franco2017Cabernet Franc
Mau Feitio2018Branco 
Mendel Unus2014Blend
Palacio de Brejoeirad2018Alvarinho
Passa Pequena2017Blend
Quinta Bacalhoa2014Cabernet Sauvignon
Terrantez do Pico2020Verdelho
Terras de Lava2018Blend
Blend -Arinto,Terrantez,Verdelho
Terras de Lava2018Blend “Eruptio”
Terrior Vulcanico2020Verdelho
Vatan2014Tinta de Toro

2 thoughts on “The Best Wines Tasted in 2022 – Yearly Summary

    Ashley Mc Phail said:
    December 14, 2022 at 7:37 pm

    Have you tried out Timshel Vineyards 2018 Zin & Grenache? Small lot in Paso Robles! Worthy of checking out.


    Dracaena Wines said:
    December 14, 2022 at 9:40 pm

    Thank you for including both our Cabernet Franc! We are so glad you enjoyed them and honored to have made the list.


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