2018 One Acre Wines, Cabernet Sauvignon, Porchview Vineyard, Oak Knoll District

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The Winery

“One Acre, One Guy, One Wine” slogan is the quintessential meaning behind their wines and success. It started in 2002 with Dave Becker, who founded the One Acre label with just one acre of Cabernet Sauvignon planted at his family home in the Oak Knoll region of the Napa Valley. The success of One Acre led to the launch of Acre Wines, a portfolio of classic wines from sustainably farmed, family-owned estate vineyards in Napa Valley.

Industry veterans, Mike and Talley Henry purchased the winery in 2017. Together, with well-known consulting winemaker Richard Bruno, they continue to carry on the One Acre and Acre Wines legacy that Dave created nearly two decades ago. Today, the One Acre portfolio includes an Oak Knoll Cabernet sourced from Dave’s original one acre vineyard, and a Yountville Cabernet Sauvignon, planted on one acre with identical clones, varietal, spacing and row orientation as the Oak Knoll Cabernet to be able to understand and appreciate the differences of “terroir”. The highly acclaimed Acre portfolio includes a Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Zinfandel and Sauvignon Blanc sourced from family-owned vineyards within the stellar AVA’s of Oakville, Yountville, Calistoga, and Stags Leap.

While not a big “wine label” person, their wine bottles are unique and a piece of art! They researched out many ways to get their label on the bottle and chose Bergin Screen Printing & Etching in Napa. The process is “glass printing” with proprietary colors and have perfected the glass printing process. The printing process uses a steel screen with the ink applied to the glass. They are able to screen around the entire bottle 360 degrees. The bottle is then baked in a Lehr at temperatures of 1160 degrees permanently fusing the label with the glass. This makes for a decorative bottle on the outside to hold some exquisite wine.

The Wine – 2018 One Acre Cabernet Sauvignon, Oak Knoll District

(Photo ©Michael Kelly)

The wine on the eyes was a deep purple/red color and a medium heavy viscosity. Looking into the glass ones expectations immediately rose knowing a treat was beckoning.  On the nose one of the most fruit forward Cabernet Sauvignon’s with blackberry and raspberry and violets. Once on the palate, plum and oak spices along with an earthly minerality to counterbalance the fruit. This wine was rounded and wrapped with soft gentle tannins. The finish was medium length beckoning yet another sip. This is 100% Cabernet Sauvignon from the Porchview Vineyard in Oak Knoll, the original vineyard of One Acre. I believe this release will be out in 2023. The current release is the 2016 One Acre from Oak Knoll and goes for $90/bottle. Generally speaking the wines are aged 33 months in French oak with a third being new.

The Food & Wine Pairing

(Photo ©Michael Kelly)

Pulled this bottle to review from the cellar last evening knowing I was going to order the Filet Mignon steak at Verona18. Our normal Friday Night Wine & Dine group moved to Thursday as two events going on at the Club on Friday. So eleven of us ventured out in the rainy night to enjoy a nice meal. The Filet was pan fried with an herb-Gorgonzola compound butter and accompanied by a medley of fresh vegetables. A bit concerned tasting the wine before the meal that perhaps it did not have enough “power” behind it to mingle with the steak with its rounded tannins. Just the opposite transpired as the pairing brought to life the wine showing even more character once co-mingled with the steak.

Other wines enjoyed by the table included Newsome-Harlow 2012 Zinfandel, 2018 Jermey Petite Sirah, 2018 Tobin James Nebbiolo, 2017 Tobin James Petit Verdot and a 2019 Toulouse Pinot Noir. Always enjoyable to taste different varieties from different regions. Last night included Paso Robles, Lodi, Calaveras foothills, Napa Valley and Anderson Valley.








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