Clairette de Die and Sushi Lunch – France Meet Japan!

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Clairette de Die is a natural sparkling white wine found in the Rhône Valley in France. Obviously much lesser known than its more famous cousin Champagne. A private museum in Le Dois, France recounts how the wine was “discovered”. Local shepherds were using the cool waters of the La Drôme River to chill some local wine. The bottle was accidently left in the water over the winter. In the springtime, the wine was found and it was carbonated meaning “effervescent or sparkling”.  This was actually documented by Pliny the Elder. It can be traced back over 2,000 years!  Clairette de Die is now an appellation for sparkling white wines around the town of Die. The geography is low lying alpine foothills toward the eastern Rhône region in France.

The Wine – Clairette de Die 

The wine on eyes has a creamy hue and bubbles galore! On the nose, a pleasant citrus and soft floral fragrance.  On the palate is where this wine shines brightly with peach flavors, beeswax and minerality (due to the chalkiness of the region). On the finish, it is a very filling sparkling, unlike many “lighter” sparkling wines. The chalkiness/minerality definitely comes thru while enjoying the wine, beckoning another sip. While only 11.5% alcohol level thinking it would be light, it was actually very “heavy” feeling but airy with the alcohol level.

The Wine and Food Pairing

The pairing with the white Hamachi was absolutely delicious. The Maguro was not the best choice to pair with this wine. Yet both the sushi and wine alone were great, the marriage between the Hamachi and Clairette de Die (without the rice) was spot on!

This bottle of wine was given to me from a winemaking friend who is considering making this wine in the USA. Stay tuned!!




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