2021 Acquiesce Winery Cinsaut Rosé

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What is Cinsaut?

Cinsaut (sin-soh) also spelled “Cinsault” is a red wine grape varietal that is found in the hot and sunny climate of Southern France and typically goes into red wine blends in Southern Rhone, Languedoc, Roussillon and Provence. In California, Cinsaut thrives in the Lodi region of San Joaquin Valley as well as along parts of the Central Coast where temperatures can be very warm. Cinsaut is used to generally produce red wines with aromatic and floral qualities and if well-made are typically smooth with subtle tannins. Acquiesce Winery elected to complement their white and rose line up with whole cluster pressing and sur lie aging in the tanks of this grape. A great wine just added to their Provence line up.

The Winery

Acquiesce Winery, Susan Tipton makes so many wines that have topped the wine charts with high ratings. Her latest claim came from the International Women’s Wine Competition being named Best Woman Winemaker in 2022! You can read more about this and her wonderful and unique white wines coming out of the Central Valley at:


Among my personal favorites are her Picpoul Blanc, Bourboulenc, Grenache Blanc, Ingénue (blend) and Clairette Blanche. All of which are proudly stocked in my wine cellar.

The 2021 Acquiesce Cinsaut Rosé

The Bad news first: only 50 cases were produced for the 2021 and it sold out in two weeks. Now the good news, with such success they planted another two acres for the future and will be releasing the 2022 vintage in May of 2023. This truly is a heads up on this delicious wine.

First on the eyes, a golden/copper coloring that is unique and enticing just to view! It has a medium viscosity in the glass. On the nose, the aromas of honeydew melon, strawberry and summer fruits arise to greet the palate. Once in the mouth a light but lively wine opens up to the fruits and a slight mineral flavor. Each sip beckons one to dissect the aromas and convert to their favorite summertime fruit such as watermelon, guava, papaya, etc. The finish is dry and a hint of cantaloupe sneaks in for a soft and round finish. Tannins are not present to help with the subtle fruit finish.

The Food & Wine Pairing

We paired the wine with Ahi Tuna from Fiji quickly sautéed in white wine, oil, red pepper flakes, ginger paste, garlic salt, etc. Then served with a topping of fresh minced papaya, pineapple, Mandarin oranges and slice green onions. Accompanied with long & short brown rice and sliced of fresh massive Beefsteak tomatoes from a farm in Brentwood. The fish and toppings enhanced the wine and made a spectacular meal. In fact Susan Tipton’s food pairing for this wine suggest “sushi, Thai food, or a fresh fruit dessert”.

BTW, the fresh Ahi Tuna came from Ohana Seafood in Modesto.







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