2012 Larkmead Vineyards LMV Salon

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A real treat the last week when returning from Arizona. This sat in the cellar for almost eight years and came up on the “To Drink” list for 2022. Larkmead Vineyards located in Calistoga California on the northern portion of Napa Valley has always been one of my favorites. Their specialty are Cabernet Sauvignon based scrumptious wines as well as some unique white wines. You can read about their rich history at: https://www.larkmead.com/pages/about/ .

This wine is comprised of 100% estate grapes and is composed of 67% Cabernet Sauvignon and 33% Cabernet Franc. LMV is always made up of this these two varietals and yearly in different percentages. The wine was aged 19 months in 66% new French oak barrels from Tonnelleries Bossuet & Ermitage. The combination of these two strong varietals proved to be a winning combination.

The first impression on the eyes is the astonishing “darkness of the wine” with an almost blackish coloring. A definite heavy viscosity. On the nose an eloquent and stirring aroma of raspberries and blueberries. On the palate, those fruits coupled with the dense vineyard minerals and vanilla pipe tobacco explodes wonderment in the mouth. The finish is long lasting revealing both eloquent, finesse and strong tannins and layers of structure. Always a remarkable wine with this year being no exception. Pricing for this vintage varies but is somewhere today between $150 and $175/bottle.

Enjoyed by itself but surely any tri-tip steak, ribeye or filet mignon and many other dishes would only increase this remarkable wine.






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