2019 Pico do Verdelho, Adega and Rocky Vineyards

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Started off the day with a late lunch at Aldeia Da Fonte in Lajes on island of Pico.

Fresh fish of the day was grilled Yellowmouth Barracuda! It was so tasty and ate it like locals with olive oil and wine vinegar. Paired with a 2019 Pico do Verdelho.

Then off to very special friend of Goulart’s. Went to his adega (stone building) where families make wine, moonshine, cognac and who knows what else. Fernando makes all kinds of wine to moonshine to cognac in his tiny adega. His generosity in sharing will never be forgotten.

He has 16 hectors of grapes and fruits (figs for example) which are used in his fig moonshine for example.

One is amazed anything can grow in this rocky soil throughout the island!!

Isabela and Merlot grapes are planted on his property. Seems like half the population of Pico have their personal adega for production.

If you walk a road lined with adega’s, it is considered bad luck if you are asked to stop for a drink and don’t partake. In the short 500 yard walk, we passed at least 12 to 14. Fortunately no one was at their adega so we were safe!!!!





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