Ledson Winery – 2017 Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley Reserve

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(Picture from Ledson Winery)

The story begins in England in 1896 and is detailed out on the website https://ledson.com/discover-ledson/history/ . It is a tale of hard work, family ties and a desire to do more for the community. Steve Ledson’s history is both unique and common—unique with background and successful venture and common with family ties. His demeanor and casual manner bespeaks volumes. A couple of years ago, I had a friend come down from Oregon and had Assistant Winemaker Jerry Padilla conduct the private tasting. On the way out, Steve walked in with jeans and tee shirt having worked some aspect of the vineyard only to greet us, genuinely happy that our tasting went well.

The Castle is the official tasting room of Ledson Winery and the architecture and construction alone are worth the visit! Ledson Winery is offers the largest premium wine portfolio of any family owned winery in the United States. Today their offering numbers more than 70 wines annually!


Tonight’s Wine -2017 Pinot Noir from Russian River Valley Reserve

Pulled this wine the other night. This wine is from Sonoma County in the Russian River Valley. The wine is significantly darker than some of the more opulent and feathery ones, but don’t be fooled.  On the eyes a beautiful dark crimson color and medium viscosity. On the nose and palate so many flavors and aromas burst forth. A complex tension of fruits like cranberry, strawberry contrast with spices of nutmeg, cinnamon and even a cola presence. The finish provides even a bit of earthiness and is delightfully refreshing.  Just looked at the website and today they appear to be getting their Pinot Noir’s from Anderson Valley and do not show any Russian River Valley Pinot Noir’s.

Over the years I have recommended to friends and visitors going to Sonoma to make a stop at Ledson Winery. Obviously from their current wine list, they do offer a bit of everything for the casual wine taster to the wine aficionados’, be it Millennials to Baby Boomers, you will find the wine that envelops your palate and is sized to your pocketbook.





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