2016 Twisted Oak Spaniard and 2015 Crocker & Starr Casili 8th Edition

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After spending eight out of twelve days feasting for the holidays with family and friends, we opted for a quiet New Years’ Eve dinner with wine, watching a few movies. This was a welcome break!

First up for the evening was the 2016 Twisted Oak Spaniard, a blend of three beautifully constructed wines by Jeff Stai. The blend is 46% Tempranillo, 31% Grenache and 23% Graciano. The wine is so very complimentary with this blend. Tempranillo with its red ruby coloring, strong berry flavors, plum, tobacco, vanilla, herbs and leather blending with the two others. Grenache with added body, fruitiness and without hearty tannins with a pale coloring coupled with the Graciano with its dark juice, intense blackberry flavors and with spices of cinnamon and cloves made for a compelling blend.  The wine sells for $49.

Paired with a chicken enchilada made with corn, sour cream, cream cheese, onions, cheese and salsa. The wine provided an explosion of flavors and became a perfect companion this evening.

Second up for the evening while enjoying a couple of movies, we wanted to keep with the “Spanish theme” so pulled out a 2015 Crocker & Starr Casili 8th Edition. It is a blend of 55% Malbec and 45% Cabernet Franc. This has always been an easy sipping and enjoyable wine albeit rich and full bodied. Blending “milder” and “spicier” varietals provided just the right balance of roundness, yet structure and mild tannins to appreciate this 93 point wine. This wine sells out every year and goes for approximately $80.

Definitely a simple way to end a very trying 2021 and prepare for an exciting 2022!







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