2016 Twisted Oak Graciano

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Did a story in June 2021 on Twisted Oak and picked up a few bottles of Graciano. Liked it while tasting and having a conversation with owner Jeff Stai and bought a couple of bottles. Read more about Twisted Oak and their operations at:


Opened up the cellar last night looking for a solid wine to go with a seared BBQ’ed tri-tip steak and felt the 2016 Twisted Oak Graciano would be perfect. It was spot on!

The Wine

First Graciano, is a black skin grape primarily found in Rioja, Spain. It thrives in arid and warm climates. The Sierra foothills possess both of these temperature qualities. Graciano is used in your classic Rioja blend with Tempranillo and Garnacha. This is 100% Graciano. On the eyes a dark purple and crimson red color and medium heavy viscosity. On the nose blackberry aromas, faint violet waft into the nose. On the palate, cedar, oak and vanilla swirl and form a lovely concoction showcasing an old world characteristic. On the longest finish, clove is dominate along with cinnamon and black pepper. It is listed on their website for $43/bottle.

The Food and Wine Pairing

Paired with the seared BBQ’ed tri-tip to medium rare and side dishes of quick roasted asparagus and sliced roasted potatoes was perfect. Also a Caesar salad with fresh parmesan cheese was a great addition.

This may be my best new wine for the cellar in 2021 as the possible food pairings are endless and the flavor unique and mouth filling.






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