2010 Skipstone Faultline Vineyard – Aged to Perfection!

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Pulled this out of the cellar last night for a special friend. It had been laying down for over 8 years. This is a blend of 40% of Cabernet Franc, 38% of Cabernet Sauvignon and 22% of Merlot. Combining these three varietals allowed renown winemaker Phillipe Melka to bring forth some of the best qualities and depth of character for these Alexander Valley (California) grapes.

(picture from Skipstone Winery)

An interesting story on how the owner Fahri Diner came to own this remarkable vineyard. Recounting the story told to me by him eight years ago, he was undecided on purchasing the property. Located on the property was an irrigation pond. Perplexed, he told his wife, if he could skip a stone from one side to the other, he would buy the property. So not only the decision to move forward with the vineyard and winery, but the name seemed appropriate. He then convinced Phillipe Melka to be the winemaker and it was his sole winemaking venture in Alexander Valley at the time.

Faultline Vineyard is their interpretation of a Right-Bank Bordeaux blend. All three varietals come together with their own views but mesh like a well conducted symphony.  On the nose soft fragrances of blueberries, dark fruit, cinnamon, and Cuban cigars. On the palate, the berries (Blue & Black) and herbal qualities meshed seamlessly to provide a mellow taste. The Merlot inserted a juicy plum into the mix.  No hard edges considering the two Cabernets in the same bottle. It was smooth and tannins were sufficiently tamed to provide a balanced and enjoyable wine. The finish provided hints of chocolate and roasted light coffee. An exquisite wine for special occasions and food pairings. The current vintages goes for $165.

An absolutely marvelous bottle of wine and it will make my Best Wines Tasted in 2021 list for sure!






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