3 Acquiesce Wines, 3 Food Pairings, 3 Couples, 1 Spectacular Dinner and 8 Hours!

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Yes, last Sunday Acquiesce Winery with winemaker & owner, Susan Tipton hosting via a Crowdcast presentation, showcased her recently released wines and one previously released wine, with food pairings. Rather than your normal electronic or talking heads presentation, she enlisted the help of David Scott Allen, food author & blogger (http://cocoaandlavender.com/).  Also in attendance was food & wine critic Susan Manfull (https://www. provencewinezine.com/). The twist to the event was that Susan Tipton planned to introduce three wines with three dishes. While the actual presentation showed only one meal being prepared by David Scott Allen, we had all three meals prepared per David Scott Allen’s recipes to complement the wines. After the wine tasting an intermezzo from the dining room table to the patio to sip some Champagne and a few more wines, a dinner was served back in the dining room.

So let the journey begin! The three wine event by Sue Tipton was called “Cook, Drink, Learn” a Mother’s Day session. The wines selected were:

*2020 Grenache Rosé. Awards below are for her 2019

                -Best of Class –Best Rosé – 2020 American Wine Society Commercial Wine Competition

                -Double Gold Medal – 2020 International Women’s Wine Competition

                – Gold Medal – 2020 San Francisco International Wine Competition

*2018 Belle Blanc – a blend of Roussanne and Viognier wines.

                – Gold Medal – 2019 Sunset International Wine Competition

*2020 – Viognier

                -Best of Class – 2020 American Fine Wine Competition

The first wine, the 2020 Grenache Rosé on the nose was a heavenly scent and aromas of nothing I have ever encountered with a Rosé. Those tasting it and myself were in awe of such a fragrant nose. First on the eyes it was a light salmon color. On the nose, strawberries, cherries and rhubarb were the predominate aromas. On the palate, those flavors along with watermelon and subtle lime flavors captured ones complete attention while sipping the wine.  Sue mentioned she added just a little Cinsault to highlight the cherry.

This was paired with a dish called “Strawberry Mascarpone Fool” a recipe by David Scott Allen. It included fresh strawberries, a little sugar, balsamic vinegar, mascarpone cheese, whipping cream and mint sprigs for garnish. Very honestly, only one of the six of us were Rosé drinkers/fans. After tasting this dish with wine we all became believers of the Acquiesce Rosé!  Personally, this dish could be served as a dessert with this wine instead of your “heavier ports”.  The wine immediately made my Best Wines of 2021 published at the end of the year.

The next wine up was the 2018 Belle Blanc. Being a blend of Roussanne and Viognier captures the best of both wines. Previously have done a few stories on her Roussanne being paired with seafood (poke, scallops, Bronzini, etc.). The almond flavors with great floral aromas and the Viognier added honeysuckle with some tangerine notes.

So this wonderful aromatic and mouth filling wine was paired with Costelette d’ Agnello (lamb cutlets). This used 1 rack of lamb freshly cut by the local butcher, divided into 8 riblets (after cooking, it was cut for mouth size enjoyment), salt and fresh ground pepper, flour, eggs, panko breadcrumbs, unsalted butter, extra virgin oil and lemon wedges for serving. Most felt the lamb, especially with a small squeeze of the lemon, was good, it was perhaps not the perfect choice for such an exquisite tasting wine.

The last wine and food pairing with Acquiesce was her 2020 Viognier. While having four or five of Acquiesce wines purchased for the cellar, Viognier has never been one of my personal favorites. Nor was it many of the others this afternoon. Sue Tipton just converted all six of us to Acquiesce Viognier fans. Like no other Viognier, with a big nose of fresh floral blossoms, lemon grass and subtle tangerine flavors we surrendered instantly to this charming wine. My next trip to Lodi will include picking up a few bottles for the cellar as it too made by Best Wines of 2021!

This was paired with a unique dish called “Spaghetti alla Seppia con Polpa di Granchio”. This dish was unique with fresh squid ink pasta, olive oil, shallot, red pepper flakes, crab meat, white wine, chopped parsley and fresh ground pepper. The pairing was outstandingly different, wonderful and simpatico with the wine. An excellent choice highlighting the food and wine.

An intermezzo with a non-vintage Champagne called Chateau de Bligny, Grande Reserve on the patio.  Also enjoyed was a 2017 Tate Chardonnay. What little Acquiesce wines still remained in the bottle were also enjoyed.

Back to the dining room for dinner.  Dinner consisted of BBQ Country Ribs cooked in the oven. The ingredients included country ribs, BBQ sauce, chili powder, brown sugar, cumin, oregano, kosher salt, red pepper flakes and black pepper. With plenty of Spaghetti alla Seppia con Polpa di Granchio left, as a large bowl was prepared, baked beans with ground beef and broccoli accompanied the meal. We had a show of hands as to which of three wines selected would pair best with the meal. They were a 2013 Prospect 772 “Instigator” a Syrah (Sierra Foothills), a 2017 Justin Isosceles blend (Central California coast) and a 2017 Arzuaga Crianza a Tempranillo from Spain. While each wine was delicious on its own merits, the Prospect 772 “Instigator” paired best with its fruit forward tastes of Syrah with the spicy ribs.

Dessert included a pineapple upside down cake but regrettably it was devoured so quickly no pictures were taken! We topped off the evening opening a 2018 Alaya Tierra a great wine from Spain using Grenacha old vines and a 2011 Crocker & Starr “Stone Place” Cabernet Sauvignon. Previous articles have been written on these wines that can be searched on the right hand of the website.

I want to thank the two other couples, friends and members of local Wine Society for their helping with wine selections, comments and their critical palates. Also a special thanks to Susan Kelly for all the meal preparations and Mary Goulart for the preparing the Spaghetti alla Seppia con Polpa di Granchio.





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