Month: April 2021

2018 Lavender Ridge Roussanne and Octopus!

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Another gathering of a few of the “informal Friday night Wine & Dine group” on Wednesday night! The host for the dinner provided BBQ’ed ribeye steaks, octopus, sweet potatoes, tuna poke and lamb. The guests brought lettuce cup wraps, salad, slices of baguette and dessert. And of course some wine!!

Octopus was a special treat and a fairly easy dish to pair with an assortment of wines. The reason being is the “neutral” taste of octopus. You can pair anything from Cabernet Sauvignon to Pinot Noir to Chardonnay. The Roussanne from Lavender Ridge Vineyards was a wonderful match and they are located in the town of Murphys, lower Sierra Nevada foothills. It was powerful with floral aromatics, with hints of peaches, pears and with a rich and silky smooth mouthful texture, almost creamy. Roussanne most times is blended with the Marsanne varietal but in this case it was 100% Roussanne. This retails also for $28. Marsanne adds the fat, richness, oily textures and sweetness to the wines, while Roussanne brings more acidity, elegance and aromatic complexities to the wine. To read more about Lavender Ridge click on a previous article:

The food was so delicious, which allowed no time to take many pictures. Suffice it to say, all was great! Here are two pictures from the evening.

A great evening for all.