This Unoaked Chardonnay Got My Full Attention –Rosa Fierro 2019 “The Unoaked” Chardonnay

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Ever been to a winery to taste a specific wine or varietal and they insist on pouring you their recent award winning wine that you have no interest tasting? I have to admit, last Saturday, Rosie Fierro did just that and it turned out to be a great thing! I had stopped by the tasting room located on Vasco Road in Livermore to taste her Double Gold “Call Me a Cab” Cabernet Sauvignon from the 2021 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition. We tasted one or two other wines and then she mentioned her “unoaked Chardonnay”. I was essentially wanting to pass as all my favorite domestic Chardonnays are oaked. She opened one, which was still very cold, and I was basically somewhat unimpressed. Not something to write about for sure. Then as I was leaving after purchasing some of her excellent Tempranillo, she asked that I try one bottle at home and drink it at a warmer temperature.

The Wine

I opened the bottle last evening and was taken back right from the start, with one of the most aromatic Chardonnays I have smelled. On the eyes a light golden color and medium viscosity. On the nose the predominate fragrance of honeydew melon and apple wafted into the senses to arouse one that this is no ordinary “non-oaked” Chardonnay to be experienced. Then on the palate, immediately a wide ranging mix of flavors hit simultaneously ranging from pear to kiwi to a tinge of orange. The wine was crisp, clean and exquisite. The finish came on strong with the opening honeydew melon and apple and pear.  All of the flavors were “not in your face” but layered and subtle.  Admittedly, one of the first unoaked California Chardonnay’s to ever get my full attention and appreciation. This wine also received a Double Gold at the recent 2021 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition. The website shows it selling for $28.

The Food and Wine Pairing

Paired with a chicken Piccata, rice and broccoli. For the pairing the subtle flavors of the wine still came across beyond the lemon in the dish. Perhaps not “the best” food and wine pairing, but that was no fault of the wine! Without hesitation, if someone asked me for a recommendation for a “non-oaked” Chardonnay, I would easily and happily recommend Rosa Fierro 2019 “The Unoaked” Chardonnay.

Thanks Rosie for insisting I try it a slightly warmer temperature!




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