3 Steves 2019 Reserve Chardonnay – A New Addition to the Cellar

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A refreshing change up to our normal “everyday Chardonnay”. Just picked up some 2019 3 Steves Reserve Chardonnay. A light golden straw color on the eyes and light to medium viscosity. A mild bouquet on the nose, with white fruit and extremely soft citrus. On the palate, mild acidity and oak with an almost old world (non-buttery) taste in the mouth. It provides a mouthful sensation due to not being filtered or fined before bottling. The finish is extremely clean, crisp and creamy.  Definitely a new wine to be stocked in the cellar for our warm summer months while sitting on the patio (assuming Covid is contained by the summer months!).

The next big question is what food pairing will work well with this wine?  Stay tuned.






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