Tillamook Maker’s Reserve Cheese Collection –And Two Chardonnay’s

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While watching the football Conference Championships and subsequent Super Bowl, perhaps add to the enjoyment by picking up some Tillamook Reserve Collection cheese. The specific one is called Maker’s Reserve 2015 and 2017. This handcrafted artisan cheese is made from milk from cows raised near the Oregon coast and aged to perfection.

I have paired the 2015 Maker’s Reserve cheese with a 3 Steve’s Winery 2019 Reserve Chardonnay. This wine was not filtered nor fined, so its cloudy presence on the eyes beckons you right from the start to seek clarity. First on the nose, white and stone fruit waft with a strong peach aroma. On the mouth, pear and peach are the dominate tastes along with the creamier texture of the wine on the finish. A very well balance fruit and light touch of oak. A solid compromise of old world and new world flavors. The charcuterie plate includes peppered salami, crackers, Jalapeño/garlic stuffed olives and the Tillamook 2015 Maker’s Reserve cheese. The aged characteristics of the cheese and wine melt in your mouth.

The second pairing is Tillamook’s 2017 Maker’s Reserve cheese. This is paired with Wood Family Vineyards 2018 Chardonnay. Not too “oaky”, this wine burst with lemon and pear, followed by butterscotch and as Rhonda Wood states “crackerjack flavors”. Not an over the top buttery Chardonnay like Rombauer, but just enough to provide a light buttery caramel and texture in the mouth. First on the eyes, a golden hue and medium viscosity is obvious.  On the nose and palate, the wine has lingering tropical fruits, peach and pear in the palate. A portion under goes 100% secondary malolactic fermentation, but allows a final mix, to allow old world and new world Chardonnay to coexist in harmony. This paired with the 2017 Tillamook Maker’s Reserve cheese. The charcuterie plate includes summer sausage, whole natural almonds and pistachios. Again this cheese melts in your mouth with the wine.

As a long footnote, Tillamook has a cult following and is almost a household name with their regular cheeses, butter and ice cream, they more recently have launched and are expanding their distribution nationally. Firstly, Tillamook is a unique company of around $600 million being a farmer owned and operated “cooperative” with local dairymen in Tillamook, Oregon. This co-op is comprised of 80+ local family farms and has been in existence for over 110 years representing dairy experience, quality and a commitment to future generations. “Terroir” is a taste of place from the environment. It is the flavors and nutrients in the grasses reflected in the cow’s milk and ultimately the cheese.

Enjoy the games today and Super Bowl in two weeks.








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