The Mystery Wine on New Year’s Eve – Buccella 2010

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No one guessed the wine in the picture posted on our New Year’s dinner!  It is not often a wine goes without an identifying label with the winery name on it. Collectors know that Buccella wines have this identifiable wax logo stamped on the bottle. It is a contemporary interpretation of a traditional silver tastevin cup used for tasting in Bordeaux and other areas. This along with the name “bucella” a Latin word meaning mouthful provides a perfect sampling of this exquisite wine.

The Wine

The 2010 Buccella is a Cabernet Sauvignon (86%) with Malbec 6%, Petit Verdot 3%, Merlot 3% and Cabernet Franc 2%. Robert Parker rated this 95 points a few years back. I acquired it seven years ago and it has been resting with “its brothers” very quietly. On eyes this is a deep black color and medium-full viscosity. The fragrance is black cherry and blueberry. In the palate, it opens up to express both the blueberry and cherry with distinction. Secondary flavors of vanilla and dark fruits abound. Key to this wine is the finish with soft and velvety tannins, this is not your normal big and sharp Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. Rather than pick you up and slap you upside the head, this comes and caresses and warms you like a comforter next to a fireplace in winter. The style is as unique as its label.

The Winemaker & Consultant

This wine was made under the wine consultant Philippe Melka. Philippe is known as one of the top 10 winemakers/consultants in the world. His resume is too long to list but some of the key wineries he has consulted for are: Gemstone, Cliff Lede, Hundred Acre, Vineyard 29, Seavey Vineyard, Parallel, Lail Vineyard, Quintessa, Bryant Family, Westwood Estate and the list goes on. In fact, he and his team claim to have made or consulted with over 150 wineries!  His list of 100 point wines is remarkable. Today he also spends time working at his own winery Melka Estates.  Buccella’s current winemaker is Landon Donley with his own pedigree coming from Spottswoode. It also runs in the family with his wife, Sarah, the winemaker at ADAMVS.

The Winery

Buccella is a small artisan and boutique winery committed to making limited quantities of luxury wines. They are located in the southern area of Napa with fruit coming from some of the premiere vineyards in Napa Valley.




One thought on “The Mystery Wine on New Year’s Eve – Buccella 2010

    wordsrangtrue said:
    January 3, 2021 at 5:44 pm

    Truly wonderful wines. When we tasted there a few years ago, we were surprised at the industrial warehouse tasting room and that they didn’t own any vineyards but you can’t argue with the product!


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