Turbiana – An Uncommon But Versatile Grape

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For my off the “California Wines & Wineries” article this month, we venture to Italy. This comes from the wine region of Lugana. It is located at the southern end of Lake Garda with breath taking views of the Italian Alps.  It is situated between Lombardy and Veneto wine regions. The wine area produces 23 million bottles of wine (white predominately) and only 10% is exported to the USA. So if you have not heard of this varietal, there is a reason!  Surprisingly over 200 wine producers are in this small region. The wine as a whole is extremely versatile and will age nicely. Wine from the region come in Superiority 18 months and Reserva 24 months in barrel.

(map from Italian Wine Central)

Tonight’s wine, 2018 San Benedetto by Zenato. On the eyes it was a light straw color and medium viscosity. On the nose white fruit and floral aromas. On the palate, minerality and salinity were the first two prominent traits along with the mouthful feel body of this wine. Citrus, apple, almond were just a few of the flavors that developed a complex and unique texture in the mouth. The finish was long and a refreshing salinity being pronounced.

Food pairings are wide ranging from Sushi, Chinese food and even Southwest Mexican cuisine.






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