2019 Lavender Ridge Vineyard Blanc de Blancs – Just Released!

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Lavender Ridge Vineyard has just introduced a new wine to their outstanding existing lineup. It is their 2019 Blanc de Blancs. It is half Viognier and half Roussanne and thus formulating the “Blancs”. It is a Brut sparkling made in the Method Champenoise style. While the sugar level is ½ gram per liter is “dry by standards”, it seems just a tad bit “sweeter” due to the fruit primarily from the Viognier grapes.  Both grape varietals come from their organically farmed vineyard and the quality is easy to recognize on the palate. In total only 130 cases were produced and it is listed for $32. This is a refreshing and inspiring bubbling sipping wine.

The Viognier provides a silky and mouth full feel which adds depth to the honey and floral fragrances.  Typically Viognier is low in alcohol and has characteristics of peach, apricot and honey. Roussanne, which Lavender Ridge has won numerous Gold and Gold Double Awards in the Sierra Foothills Wine Competition for their stand-alone Roussanne, also provides powerful floral aromatics, with hints of peaches, pears and a silky mouthful experience. The fullness of body provides a creamy sense to the drinking experience. The wine is only 12% alcohol but this is no second class Sparkling wine!

For reference, a couple of previous stories on Lavender Ridge Vineyards and their wines can be found at:



The Lavender Ridge Blanc de Blanc’s was paired with various appetizers one evening last week, including fresh shrimp, cheeses, vegetable dips and more.

I will taste it one more time in the next 30-45 days but this definitely has the possibility to make the Best Wines of 2020!






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