2018 Wood Family Vineyards Malbec – A Smashing Home Run!

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While not being able to enjoy a full season of baseball, you can at least be pleased by the home run by Rhonda Wood and her soon to be released Malbec. This wine will be released the first week of September and I was fortunate enough to get a “sneak preview”.


This wine on the eyes is medium viscosity and with a deep royal purple coloration, yet around the rim an almost translucent (per the picture). On the nose blackberries and dark red plums are the leaders rushing into claim dominance in the olfactory senses. On the palate, besides blackberries and plums, you experience a soft note of milk chocolate, gentle smokiness counterbalanced with the fresh ripe cherries.  The finish is velvety smooth with medium acidity and tannins with no sharpness. Also on the finish the presence of wet stones from a babbling forest brook.


With the preceding description, the Wood Family Vineyards Malbec is a perfect fit with spicy foods. This was paired with a taco salad, with spicy ground chuck, lettuce, fresh garden tomatoes and purple onions. An overall wonderful companion to the wine.


This wine was not just a sure hit but a deep home run to center field. When released it will be regularly stocked in the cellar.









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