2018 Maritana Chardonnay, La Riviere – An Incredible Food Pairing

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Dinner last night with a magical 2018 Maritana Chardonnay Sonoma County Russian River La Riviere. While Donald had many years ago produced Chardonnay’s but has been known as an industry leader for his Pinot Noir’s. I was expecting a good solid wine, but what my palate tasted was “total astonishment”. First on the eyes, the clarity and brightness was ethereal straw golden yellow. It was a refined and delicate Chardonnay with soft lemon custard and a Red Delicious apple, mildly sweet with a caramel finish. As the wine settles in the back of mouth, a minerality of a babbling brook or creek came to mind. This wine was of another spectrum of quality found only in wines in a much higher in price range ($100). This wine reminded me of the higher end Kistler Chardonnay or Peter Michael Chardonnay, specifically La Carriere. Current price is $55.



A skillet prepared swordfish in a Mediterranean style with minced garlic, lime juice, fresh lemon juice, basil, balsamic vinegar, pinch of Cayenne pepper, smoked paprika, lemon infused olive oil, Himalayan Sea salt and a variety of colored grounded peppercorns. Also a mix of long grain and wild rice with a garden salad.

For a complete story on Donald Patz’s wines see: https://californiawinesandwineries.com/2018/12/06/maritana-vineyards-four-aces-on-the-first-vintage/










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