Vinoce Cabernet Sauvignon – Torn Between Two Loves from Napa Valley!!

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Did an encore of a previous dinner for a couple who liked the post on the Flat Iron steak with Blue Cheese and chive butter. The changeup last evening, was to taste two different and exquisite wine from Vinoce Vineyards in a side by side comparison with the meal. The wines were a 2017 Vinoce Cabernet Sauvignon from Saint Helena and 2016 Vinoce Cabernet from Mount Veeder.

Started the evening with a “secret recipe” lemon drop martini with lemon/sugar rim and appetizers.

Last night seared and grilled (BBQ) Flat Iron Steak topped with Blue Cheese-Chive Butter. Accompanied by twice baked potatoes with cheese, sautéed broccoli & mushrooms, toasted sourdough garlic & butter bread and a Greek salad (Feta cheese, toasted almonds, olives, purple onion and tomatoes). The steak was marinated 36 hours in red wine vinegar, cloves of garlic, cracked black pepper, dried Rosemary leaves (crumbled), dried oregano, Kosher salt and olive oil. The Chive butter used unsalted butter, crumbled Point Reyes Blue cheese, chopped fresh chives and cracked black pepper.

Dessert was individual lemon berry cheesecake parfaits, with berry a preserves and topped with blue berries.


Our guests and friends provided the lemon drop martinis and the rich, decadent dessert, to introduce and conclude the meal. Thanks Steve and Darlene Besst.


Conclusion on the Wines

The 2017 Vinoce St Helena was a smooth and pleasant wine to be enjoyed with or without food. While a year younger than the other wine for the evening, the blackberry and dark cherry sprung to life on the nose and palate. The tannins were subtle and a bit muted, but provided for a rounded and drinkable wine. The finish was bright with acidity and a hint of tobacco. The prepared meat, with the spices, tended to override the supreme qualities of the wine.


The 2016 Vinoce Mt Veeder worked magic with the meal. It was a big Napa Valley Cabernet with defined tannins and well structured. The darker coloring in the glass gave a hint as to its pedigree. On the nose and palate, dark fruits, vanilla pipe tobacco, blackberries, black cherries, pepper and residual oak provided the perfect infusion, along with the acidity, to match the seared flat iron steak and spices. The finish was especially long lasting with layers of complexity and delight.


So if you want a wonderful sipping wine, the 2017 Vinoce St Helena would fill the bill. If you wanting a wine to pair to an intensely season meat dish, the 2016 Vinoce Mt Veeder is a right on target.


For more information on Vinoce Vineyards, see a previous published story at:






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