Traveling To Wine Regions While Staying in Place. Today 2014 Feudo Maccari Saia Nero d’Avola from Sicily.

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The Winery
Dr. Antonio Moretti besides owning Feudo Maccari in Sicily, also has Tenuta Sette Ponti near Arezzo and Poderi Orma in Bolgheri. Dr. Moretti and his daughter purchased several small properties in Sicily near the town of Noto, southeastern portion of the island. These older vineyards are located about 1 mile from the sea which provides cooling breezes, which mitigates the searing heat in southern Sicily. The vines are “alberello” (literally meaning tree-like) and are head pruned. The estate produces Nero d’Avola, Grillo as well as two reserve wines Saia from d’Avola and Maharis from Syrah.


The Wine
This 2014 Saia is opaque deep cherry red in color. It is a light viscosity, but do not be fooled as to its depth! On the nose and palate, a combination of red cherry, spices and oak are the first hints of what is to develop. Plum, blueberries and pepper are balanced with an underlying minerality from the volcanic and limestone soil. The finish was long and “woody” with smooth tannins and a crisp acidity. This wine has received 93 points from both Suckling and Parker which is remarkable for a $30-32 wine! The wine is aged 12-14 in oak and 6 months in the bottle before release.


The Food Pairing
The wine was served with a Bucatini pasta with a red tomato based meat sauce topped with parmesan shredded cheese, accompanied with a garden salad. The acidity in the wine was spot on for tomato based sauce. Our SIP (Stay in Place) adventure continue while experiencing wines from around the world.


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